Take a deep breath

Villa Prono has a hilltop position. We often make jokes about the fact that we are higher 30 meters than the most famous wine castles in the Chianti Classico area. Well, in fact from the villa we can see the Apuana mountains 160 km from Villa Prono, and every night we enjoy the most beautiful and peaceful sunset, thanks to the location of our home.

Swimming pool on a hilltop

The mountain continues uphill and at the top of the property is the relax zone with swimming pool and an amazing view over the valley. This part is furnished with several sunbeds, tables and umbrellas. It is huge and gives a lot of privacy for our guests. Blue sky and a nice shade. All we need during summer!

A Mediterranean garden

The grand villa is placed with the first part of the Mediterranean garden going down to the wall protecting the property. The garden is dominated by two giant Lebanon Cedar trees on the slop. These trees are really tall and from our terrace we can watch a lot of different birds and from time to time a squirrel or two. We know for sure that an old owl is living in the trees. Sometimes we can hear him hooting during night – ho-hooo-ho. He likes to play hide and seek, so he is really difficult to find. Several times a day you will hear the noisy tree cricket cicada – “la cicala” song.

The iconic cypress trees at the villa

The garden at Villa Prono is a traditional Mediterranean garden. A rather dry garden with few flowers and with plants and trees that resist a hot summer. Especially cypress and olive trees. You experience that at the pool area where you are surrounded by gnarled olive trees in lovely grey-green colour.

The wine cellar is the heart of the villa

In reality the villa is standing on a mountain. The intention was to create a wine cellars underground at the back of the grand villa. In the old days all spaces were used for the wine production. Nowadays these are holiday rentals. Still the cantina is underneath our feet.